Our Activities

Axe Throwing

This activity has quickly become a beloved past time, and what's not to love? I mean, you hurl sharpened steel at wooden targets. With good technique, those razor-sharp blades stick in the wood and it feels... exhilarating! Grab your flannel, channel your inner Lumber Jack and come have some fun.

Bocce Ball

Got balls? We do. BOCCE balls that is. Try it for yourself and you'll see what the Italians have known all along. This game seamlessly blends socializing and challenging your friends/enemies all while never having to put your beer down.


Cornhole, Bags, Bean Bag toss or Baggo, call it whatever you want we just call it FUN!

Air Bowling

Instead of a bowling ball we throw a football at the pins.

Giant Billiards

Played on an 8ft x 16ft table with soccer balls and you kick them instead using a stick.


Played with soccer balls and you kick them instead using a stick.

Carpet Ball

A game, similar to pool and played with pool balls, played in a long, high-walled table. Each player gets five balls to arrange however they want at their end of the table, and they take turns trying to knock each other's balls into troughs at each end of the table.


Play on our lighted 9ft table. A game where players take turns sliding weighted pucks down a long, smooth table made of wood. The end of the table is marked with specific areas for scoring.

George's Snuggle Club

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