Upcoming Events

Come out to play with Friends or come and make some new ones!

Axe Throwing Tournament

May 13th - 12pm Start

$20 goes to the pot for the winner.
No Experience or Axes needed. We can supply the Axes or other sharp objects to throw. (You are sure to get points) Win cash and prizes

Win Some Meat

Saturday May 20th

It's like regular bingo but the prizes are meat and its Free!!!
We will have 2 sessions starting at 6pm and 7pm. each session will play 5 rounds of bingo. FAQ's: How much does it cost?•nothing, it's FREE How many bingo cards do I get? •one per round What kind of meat will I win? • who cares, with the cost of groceries, free meat is free meat! Can I bring drinks? • Nope. Can I bring food? •absolutely


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